How to Bounce Back In College

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Being single in college can be a hard time, follow these tips to get back on track and having fun.

Picture yourself in college, and single - or even worse, just having had your heart broken. Being single in college and trying to bounce back from a heartbreak can be a frustrating and devastating time for any individual. There are always people talking about hooking up, constant displays of public affection are indeed on display, and your friends are out with their significant others living it up while you're stuck studying for the next exam on your own. Of course, studying up and making good grades isn't a bad thing, but we know that it can be a very lonely time. The only thing that could make things worse would be having to take a class with your ex, but we'll just hope that doesn't happen to you. 

 If you're in college and have recently gone through a bad breakup, here are some ways to kick heartbreak to the side:

Go to the Gym: Most schools with athletic programs have gyms on the premises, and in many cases hitting the gym is free to students. Gyms are a great place to keep yourself active while mingling with other college folks. Working out will help not only build muscles and tone you up, but it'll also help build back your self-esteem and eventually, a broken heart.

 Attend Events: College is chock-full of events, most notably sports-related ones. Wrapping your heart around something else for a night like a football game or at a college party is useful in beating the single life blues.

 Social Clubs: Don't think colleges only offer up sororities and fraternities. This is certainly not the case. You can meet people with like-minded interests in school clubs and organizations. Clubs can cover anything from religious affiliations to groups associated with their majors.

 The Neighborhood: College in itself is an experience, but if you need to broaden your horizons, you should check out the scene around the school. Lots of great social spots like bars and clubs open shop near the campuses just to cater to the crowd. Grab a few friends and branch out!

On a final note, things tend to get magnified in college. A big heartbreak in college might seem like a little bump in the road down the line. Always remember, you're just starting your life. There's still a massive trek ahead with tons of new people to meet and new experiences to be had.