Dating profiles that say "young 50".


People use objectionable adjectives all the time. To get me to go swimming, my Mom used to say the lake water was “refreshing” rather than “so cold you’ll beg hell to take you early” .  


I’ve also heard big boned instead of fat; tipsy instead of drunk; and creative instead of bipolar.


I’ve even heard a “quick” second which is odd given that, relatively speaking, a second is pretty quick unless you’re listening to one of John Mayer’s yawns, I mean, songs.  That’s when every second can be really really really long and endless.


Today, I’m taking issue with the word “young” when it’s next to the age, 50. I’ve seen “I’m a young 50” on a number online dating profiles and I’ve seen those dating profiles on a number dating sites. Like HPV, it’s rampant.


For the record, there’s no such things as a young 50 unless you’re next to an old 90. There’s also no such thing as a bad 50. It’s an age – a number – there’s no flaw attached to it. So don’t go online apologizing for it. 


Instead, focus on what makes you ‘young’ or, better still, focus on what makes you incomparable. There’s someone out there who’ll love what you have to offer so do what good advertisers do – promote the benefits that make you unique. We all have a distinct combination of traits, qualities and quirks that add up to a person who’s “one a kind’. 



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