Many Brits Not Sure Where Babies Come From

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It looks like sex education may need a shot in the arm in the UK.

Cripes, mate, but it looks like sex ed in Britain is even worse than stateside. A study of youngsters on the isle of fair Albion has determined that that some of nation's youth are confused about more than just what sport football is.

The Guardian gives details of the survey, and it's none too pretty. The highlights, if we can call them that, include: 20 percent thought pregnancy lasts a year; 10 percent thought red meat could influence the gender of a baby; 50 percent thought that a baby ought to be walking and talking within a year; and 75 percent of men have no idea what a clitoris is. I made up the last part, but the rest of the survey was pretty darn darning. 9 Awesomest Myths About Pregnancy

The three most surprising facts about the survey, in my opinion, are:

1) Only one-fifth of the audience thought women were better at changing diapers.
2) Over a quarter of the respondents would genetically engineer a more handsome baby. And...
3) There was no (as far as I could tell) anti-ginger sentiment expressed by those surveyed.

The survey was conducted in conjunction with the Katherine Heigl – Fergie's husband vehicle Life As We Know It, so we may have an American version of the survey imminently. My guess is that Americans who enjoy watching rom-coms featuring Josh Duhamel are equally as under-informed as those in Merry Olde. But to be on the safe side, double bag it when getting down with a 20-something English person. Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel Hated Being Single

Thoughts? Fears for the future and our continued viability as a species? Jokes about the ignorant?

Thanks to Good Men Project for a heads up on this survey.

Note: Before we start mailing brochures and condoms across the Atlantic, only 2,000 people participated in this survey.