Charlize Theron Is Dating A Farmer

Charlize Theron

Moving on from Stuart Townsend, Charlize is now dating actor turned farmer Eric Thal.

Since splitting with long-time boyfriend Stuart Townsend, whom she had a 9-year-relationship with, Charlize Theron has been seen out on the town with a few men, most notably with Keanu Reeves. However, despite the gossip, Charlize and Keanu are said to be just old friends, and the 35-year-old actress is actually dating another guy, fellow thespian Eric Thal.

According to Life & Style, Eric is a 45-year-old model/actor and New York native, who enjoys the simple things in life. Why Did Charlize And Stuart Break Up?

"The two have a lot in common," said a close friend to the magazine. "He's a farmer who grows all his own vegetables, and Charlize grew up on a farm in South Africa. The two like to escape Hollywood and go to his farm in upstate New York."

Despite being an A-list, Oscar-winning actress, Charlize, who just returned from vacationing in Tahiti this past week, frequently holds her hands in front of her face when paparazzi around and tries to keep a low profile, so we get why Eric, a good-looking actor turned farmer, would be her type!

Somewhere, however, we think that Stuart Townsend must be crying into his Irish coffee.

Photo Credit: The Mirror

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