The Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva Scandal Timeline

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

A brief history of and the latest updates on the very messy Mel and Oksana breakup.

So much has happened between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva over the past several months that we thought it would help to make a brief timeline of the scandalous events—especially now that a court-imposed gag order has prevented Oksana from telling the whole sordid story to Oprah.

April 2010

May 2010

  • Violet Kowal, a Polish porn producer, claims to have had an affair with Mel while Oksana was pregnant.
  • Oksana signs a "peace agreement" that grants her roughly $15 million, in exchange for her promise to destroy all "evidence" against Mel, including "recordings, audio tapes, emails, text messages, videotapes and photographs."

June 2010

  • Mel and Oksana both file restraining orders against each other.
  • Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ about the now infamous altercation between her and Mel on January 6, explaining that "She tried to protect the baby during one of Gibson's violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and giving her a concussion."

July 2010

  • RadarOnline posts several audio tapes of Mel's racist, hate-filled rants against Oksana, in which—among other vile things—he threatens to burn down the house, tells Oksana she's going to get "raped by a pack of n***ers," calls her a "b*tch, c*nt, whore, gold digger, and screams at her for going to sleep instead of "blowing him."
  • RadarOnline posts photos of Oksana with broken front teeth and of Lucia with a bruise on her face.
  • Text messages Mel sent to Oksana the day after their January 6 fight go public. In them, Mel says "I wasn't safe for you last night" and that he wants to "make amends." Incriminating emails also surface—one from Oksana to her lawyer soon after the incident and one from Mel to Oksana the day after.
  • Mel claims that Oksana leaked the scandalous tapes as part of an extortion plot.

 August 2010

  • Oksana's assault case against Mel is turned over to the L.A. District Attorney's Office. The DA's Office also takes over the investigation into Mel's extortion charges against Oksana.
  • Mel and Oksana continue to battle for custody of Lucia.

 September 2010

  • Violet Kowal alleges that she has audio tapes of Oksana's bodyguard offering money for evidence against Mel, explaining that "Oksana would soon be worth millions of dollars, and it was worth having her on your side." Violet also claims that the man threatened to have her killed if she didn't cooperate. 
  • Team Gibson provides text messages that support their claim that Oksana released Mel's audio rants to extort money from him.
  • Team Oksana counter-claims that she is the one being extorted, stating that Mel's lawyers bullied her into signing the May peace agreement. Oksana also hires a new lawyer to investigate the validity of that agreement.

October 2010

  • Oksana plans to tell her story on The Oprah Winfrey Show. However, due to a gag order imposed by the court, the appearance is canceled.
  • Oksana's exclusive People interview, which took place before the gag order, is published in the October 8 issue. In it, Oksana says, "I thought [Mel] would kill me...I'm not angry at him. For the sake of Lucia, I really want him to be well. He has to have the courage to be responsible for what he's done."

Sources: Celebitchy,, PopEater, RadarOnline, TMZ. Photo: WENN.

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