10 Places We Do And Don't "Like It"

couple kissing swimsuits on beach

Facebook's breast cancer "like it" campaign begot a list of where we do and don't like to have sex.


1. The beach. Sand. Bugs. Crabs (of the "my legs are delicious" variety). Rogue waves. The list goes on...

2. Shower. Not only is shower sex slippery and dangerous, unless you have a bench in your shower, it's usually tough to maneuver. Fun for foreplay though. What Women Secretly Think About During Sex

3. Hot tub. Fun in theory, but in reality water, especially of the boiling hot variety, is not a sexual lubricant.

4. The floor. How many films have shown hot sex on the floor? We wonder if the actors were wearing kneepads for those scenes because the floor just plain hard and rug-burny.

5. Washing machine/dryer. This wonder of man never seems to be quite the right height. And it's often too cold or too hot to the touch, depending on the cycle...

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