10 Places We Do And Don't "Like It"

couple kissing swimsuits on beach

Facebook's breast cancer "like it" campaign begot a list of where we do and don't like to have sex.

The web is atwitter this week about the Facebook breast cancer campaign currently trending on and off the social network. Women are updating their status messages with "I like it" followed by a list of locations such as "in the kitchen" and "on the washing machine." But aha! The rub is that these posts are not in reference to where they like to have sex (which all of our dirty minds are meant to think) but to where they set their purses down.

While others debate whether or not a campaign like this actually raises awareness or money for breast cancer research, we went ahead and took the updates seriously. Here we've compiled a list of five out-of-the-bedroom locations we like to have sex, as well as those five locales that are cool in terms of novelty but not so much in terms of having a good, solid romp. 10 Places To Have Sex Before You Die


1. The car. Car seats are usually semi-soft, which keeps the bruise factor to a minimum, plus there's an array of tight places to creatively brace against while getting cozy.

2. The kitchen. Tables and counters and stools, oh my! The kitchen can be a sexy playground for people of all shapes and sizes to sit on, bend over, lay across, what have you.

3. The office. Ideal if you have an actual office... with a door... that locks. Otherwise, tread carefully to avoid being a) fired and/or b) scarred for life after making eye contact with your boss mid-orgasm.

4. Someone else's bed. While it's terrible etiquette to do without invitation, vacation sex has its reputation for a reason... even if that vacation is to a fold-out couch in your parents' basement.

5. Boat. The subtle rocking, the fresh air, the post-sex dip in the water. Can't go wrong here, outside of hurricane season.