How do you go about  showing  interest in a guy your friend is also attracted too?  Who makes the first move on the guy? I’ve dealt with friends that said they weren’t feeling a guy I liked, but the moment I wasn’t around their actions spoke much louder than their words. If, you find yourself in a situation when your with your best friend and you both zone in on a hot guy. Please, follow these rules to avoid a dramatic or regretful experience.             

Rule #1   Discuss it before you act
Be honest about how you feel. Just because your friend mentioned her interested aloud first doesn’t mean you should back away into a hole. I believe if you both admit to the attraction then you should let the man decide who he wants. I just ask for it to be tastefully done. No, going behind your friend’s back making overly sexual gestures to him. So you can one up the unsuspecting friend. If that’s the only way you can get a man’s interest  its just sad and down right pitiful. 
    “It really depends on the circumstances. If they met him and fell for him first you should back off. If you all both met at the same time you both should back off to avoid drama”. - Candyce  
Of course there are always exceptions to every rule, if he shows interest in your friend first you should back off immediately or if you believe your not too interested after speaking with him their isn’t a reason to go forward. 

Rule #2  Divide and Conquer.   
If your not apposed to making the first move after you and your friend have an agreement to take a chance on him. You should both engage in a conversation with him.I would prefer you do this separately so he can focus on you. Men can get easily distracted, but if you feel more comfortable doing it together it’s okay. I stress this to the up most capacity don’t over do it but be classy. The man you want to be with shouldn’t be won over strictly because your throwing yourself at him. Most guys think it’s a huge turn-off anyway. Be yourself and sincere with this guy. The only way you’ll know if he is worth all this is if you show him what your all about. That way when he talks to you both he can make the best decision on who he’s most compatible with. 
    “He is still fair game until he decides who he wants in my honest opinion”. - Gabriel 
    “It seriously depends on who he is most interested in”. - Natasha 

Rule #3  Don’t get Angry, Disappointed, or Regretful !!
This section basically speaks for itself, their isn’t a need for you to get angry with your friend if he shows more interest in her. Looks can be deceiving, but if that isn’t the case he’s not the only man in the room or on the earth. There are plenty more where that came from. Don’t be disappointed in your capability of attracting a man. When that man said no, fifteen or twenty more around you would’ve said yes.
You should be proud of taking a chance most of the greatest experiences in life came from taking a risk. At least, you don’t have to go home wondering what if. The words “What” and “If” are harmless words individually but when put side by side they’re hell to live with. Besides, this man did you a huge favor he helped you dodge a bullet. As an added bonus, you won’t be intimated when you really do meet Mr. Right.