The Situation And Bristol Palin: Is It Love?

Bristol Palin Mark Ballas

Rumors of Bristol crushing on Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino?! What next?

Whew! We nearly fell out of our chairs when we caught wind of the rumor floating around the internet that Bristol Palin had a thing for fellow Dancing With the Stars cast member, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. However, when she set the record straight by telling the world she's not interested, we took a deep sigh of relief.

Well, Bristol has always had quite the doozy of a love life! First, she makes a splash into the public eye when her mother announced that not only was she pregnant, but she was also engaged to Levi Johnson, the child's father.

Then, even though their engagement was called off a few short months later, they somehow found their way back to each other this summer... Only to have it end less than one month later. Bristol Palin And Baby’s Dad End Engagement?

Throw in legal battles for their son and Levi's "man candy" status when he posed in Playgirl and you have a gal that's had a whole mess of situations (slight pun intended). Bristol And Levi's Custody Fight Heats Up

But, just shy of 20, we're certain that Bristol's learned a LOT of lessons and has some time to seriously rebound from all of this drama. She's already been trying to spread the abstinence message given her own drama so that should count for something.

Hopefully, she's gotten enough out of all of this that she's on the way to finding herself a handsome young man who's willing to put her public past aside... Someone iIdeally, with less baggage than Levi—or anyone named "The Situation," for that matter.

Photo via ABC.