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Can't Get Best Friends BF Out Of Her Head

Can't Get Best Friends BF Out Of Her Head

"He and his gf came with me&my friend on a long trip for the
weekend. i wanted him from the moment i saw him, he kept staring at me.
later that day i was really drunk, so i went upstairs to relax and he
was there. he kept staring at my chest, then he took my hand and led me
to the bed where he kissed and licked me all over & i gave him a
handjob. I've never had sex, but i let him finger me. i wanted it, and i
got it, and i still want more. i cant focus, eat, or sleep. its like he
lit a fire that won't stop burning. i'll prob do it again when i see
him. thats all i think about.

by Heygurlheeeyy
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