The Secret to Getting Him to Propose

The Secret to Getting Him to Propose

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Newark, NJ- Could Evan Spaulding Be the Youngest Relationship Guru at age 22?


 How many times has a woman gone home to hopelessly vent to her friends about non- committal men? How many times does the single friend give not only present bad advice but the wrong advice? How does the cycle stop? How can men and women finally get to that extra level without games, terrible guidance and the misdirection of the infamous “single” friend? 

   “The Secret to Getting Him to Propose” is an in depth audio handbook to marrying one’s ideal man. Evan Spaulding maps out in seven tracks the simple and effortless task of getting him to propose. With straightforward, common sense advice offered by Spaulding, it is easy to understand why woman are often lost in translation. He bridges the gap that men and women have created between themselves with painless phrases such as, “Be yourself”, “Be attractive” or “Having a relationship.”

   The active and heartfelt narration provided by Spaulding is a testament to how committed he is to this project. From his witty and romantic anecdotes to his hilarious one-liners, Evan Spaulding encourages nature’s unusual contradiction: the ideals of commitment between men and women. Even with the continuing clash of ideas amid males and females, “The Secret to Getting Him to Propose” is a stepping stone to linking the growing disconnect.

Due to be released on October 19, 2010, “The Secret to Getting Him to Propose” will be available to order at Amazon, ITunes and CD Baby.

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