Susan Sarandon Opens Up About Tim

Susan Sarandon Opens Up About Tim

The actress dishes on her split from longtime beau, Tim Robbins.

Shock waves reverberated throughout Hollywood when word that Susan Sarandon and her boyfriend of forever, Tim Robbins broke up. Despite the fact that the couple never made it legal by getting married, after 23 frickin' years and two kids, they were always a pillar in the sea of rocky celebrity relationships. But apparently we weren't the only ones who were surprised by the split (which seemed to come out of nowhere), nor were we the only ones who shed a tear or two over the end of Tim and Sue. Susan Sarandon And Tim Robbins Split

Susan recently said she never expected to separate from her longtime love, who she met on the set of Bill Durham. But she was even more shocked by their fans' reactions. "People were coming up to me in the street and saying, 'I cried and I cried when I heard.' Well, I was sadder. I didn't think it would ever happen either," the actress told Stella magazine. Still, Sarandon contends that despite her sadness, it was time for the couple to part ways.

"You bring people into your life at certain times. Maybe you have a relationship to have children and you realise that it's fulfilled after that point," she said.

While Sarandon never specifically said that her and Tim's decision not to make their union legal played a role in the split, she did insinuate that just because they never signed a marriage certificate, didn't mean they were exempt from facing the same problems as other longtime couples—married or not.

"I thought that if you didn't get married you wouldn't take each other for granted as easily. I don't know if after twenty something years that was still true," she admitted.

Although we were hoping that the actress would reveal something a bit more juicy regarding the break-up, especially considering she's now rumored to be dating a much younger man, it certainly goes to show that marriage certificate or not, any relationship takes work and whether the person sleeping next to you is your spouse or just a longtime partner, it's easy to take your significant other for granted. But hey, we're sure after 23 years, there's probably a lot more there than we could ever understand. Regardless, we'll always feel a tug at our hearts every time we watch Bill Durham and think of the way Tim and Sue once were. Susan Sarandon's Wild Single Life

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