Kanye West Wants A Baby


Kanye West is currently on the hunt for the "woman of his dreams" with whom to make a baby.

When you think of Kanye West many things could come to mind: maybe his amazing music, or his edgy sense of style, his cocky Twitter posts or those often-occurring controversial outbursts. He has many sides that Kanye, but his nurturing fatherly one is not usually at the forefront.
But that is not stopping him from wanting to add "Dad" to his resume. According to ShowBizSpy.com he is hoping to put his partying ways behind him and start a family asap. In the attempt to clean up his act and in turn become the perfect gentleman and parent, Kanye has nixed swearing in public and is making an effort to open doors and pull out chairs for his lady-friends. Kanye Is Looking For Love
Not only does he claim that these life changes and chivalrous acts have made him a better person, he feels they have also made him a better rapper. 
It’s ill because I’m at this really good emotional, great place in my life. They’re always saying though that you have to be in a dark place to make great hip-hop, but I feel like I rap better than I’ve ever rapped.
Kanye is rumored to be dating former Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton, but has said that he would like to have a child with the "woman of his dreams," adopt or use a surrogate. Kanye West Was A Sex Addict, Or So He Says
This is definitely a sweet side of Kanye we don't see too often and we like it. But lets hope that years from now when this kid comes in second place at his school talent show, Papa West doesn't jump out of his seat and pull a Taylor Swift on their asses. Chris Brown Makes Out With Kanye's Ex

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