Links We Love: Does Marriage Matter?

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New statistics about divorce and marriage are out. Plus, 7 other links we love.

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up the best links and thought provoking articles on love and marriage. This week, we are talking about the new marriage and divorce rates and what exactly do they say (or not say) about the current state of love in America? Also, October marks the beginning of YourTango's 31 Day Sex Challenge, which challenges you to make your love life better this month. Find out what you can do to your sex life in 31 days.

How is the recession changing American's views of marriage? [Big Think]

Warning: Not all marriage advice is good advice. [Black and Married with Kids]

Is society retreating from the concept of marriage? [HuffPo]

Despite the doom and gloom of statistics, marriage is still relevant. [The American Spectator]

Do you make your decisions as a couple? [Whispered Between Women?]

An interview with Dr. Gary Chapman on love, marriage, cohabitation and more. [Engaged Marriage]

What are your favorite books on marriage? The Generous Wife gives us her picks. [The Generous Wife]

Three wives? Four husbands sounds more like it. [MomLogic]