Rachel Zoe Is Pregnant

Rachel Zoe Rodger Berman

Does this mean she will have to eat more than a grapefruit every day?

Rachel Zoe, the woman possibly responsible for a thousand eating disorders, might be gaining some weight! (Gasp!)

According to OK Magazine, the 39-year-old stylist and star of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo, is three months pregnant with her first child and has started to share the news with family members and friends.

"Rachel never really told anyone close to her that she and her husband Rodger were trying for a baby, and because of her ultra-skinny figure and habits as a workaholic it was the last thing on anyone’s mind," said a source to the magazine. Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life

"Rachel even requests that clients don’t bring their children to fittings at her studio, so there’s never been any real clue that this is something she was longing for," adds the insider. "But now that she’s pregnant, she’s telling people that this is something that she and Rodger have wanted for many years and she’s finally at a level of success where she can afford to take some time off."

Perhaps this also explains why Rachel and her assistant Brad Goreski decided to amicably part ways recently, as the magazine is reporting that the fashionista, who once famously declared that eating isn't always "a big priority" for her, plans to go on maternity leave immediately after this year's Academy Awards. Are Babies the New Boyfriends?

"She and Rodger are especially happy and Rachel, who can normally be quite emotionless, even teared up a few times as she started letting people in on the news...Right now [they] are even considering waiting until the birth to find out what the sex of the baby is...They have a sentimental streak that they don’t show much, but it’s very sweet and old fashioned."

If this report is true, then we'd like to extend our congratulations to the happy couple! Plus, we can't wait to see the photos of Rachel Zoe looking larger than a size 2.

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