Is Justin Bieber Still Single?

Justin Bieber

As Justin gets closer to opening act Jasmine Villegas, fans start to wonder if he's off the market.

Does teenybopper singing sensation Justin Bieber have a girlfriend? Hmmm.....

Well, we hate to disappoint, but according to some of the latest rumors, he may very well be attached—to his opening act, sixteen-year-old Jasmine Villegas, a new talent on the Sony Epic music label, who also played his love interest in the video for the hit song "Baby." Foreshadowing, maybe?

The basic details are this: according to Yahoo's OMG, in the beginning of September, the teen heartthrob was spotted kissing Villegas in a car. (How high school!) Then, apparently, he championed to have her on the Hawaii stretch of his tour. And voila! It's done.

But, according to AceShowBiz, both sides are sticking to the story that they're just "really cool friends." (Um, yeah. RIGHT.)

Truthfully, we're still a little confused about the sensation that is Justin Bieber. Seriously, we are. But, we're going to have to say that we find this story adorable at the moment. And we are thrilled that Justin is sticking to girls his own age, while (hopefully) laying off of ladies like Kim Kardashian. Justin Bieber Fans Want Kim Kardashian Dead

IF there is something going on, Justin will probably keep it quiet for as long as possible to avoid breaking the hearts of his fans around the world— both teeny bopper girls and some grown adult women alike. Justin Bieber & 10 Celebs It's NOT OK To Crush On

In any case, we'll be watching that mop of brown hair very closely... And so will millions of teen girls, who we're sure will take to the social media space to declare their feelings on the matter.

Biebs, watch out. We forsee you being a trending topic on Twitter in the near future (yet again)!