Don't Just Get Him, Keep Him!

Love, Self

Getting a guy is easy, but keeping him is the toughy.

1. Show him you are focused in life. It is a big turn on for a man to see his woman is perfect, well even if you are not at least you can try adopting a routine in life! Let them know you have a world of your own apart from them and that you had a routine before you met them. Make them a part of your life not whole of your life. Trust me they will respect you even more.

2. See the best in him. Tell him what he's good at when he talks hopelessly about himself. Tell him what he can do right when he feels insecure. He will know you will be there to support him all the way!
3. Don't show them they destroyed your world when they make a mistake. He might think about other women, he might lie to you, he might forget to call you when he's supposed to, not turn up at a movie or even cheat on you but don't yell at them and tell them where they have gone wrong and expect them to change in an instant. Show him you are disappointed, avoid his calls for a while, not by hanging up on their face! They don't get all these signs, instead they might think you are being rude and may not regret making the mistake. Ask him what he wants and tell him you are busy and will call back later, and don't call back. Next time when he calls and begs to know why you are upset tell him the reason why. A man is like a child. They realize it themselves in their own sweet time and change slowly and eventually. It becomes a challenge for them to make you happy. They don't like to be told all the time.

4. When he bitches about his friends or family don't support him!  Tell him that they must have made a mistake but they are not bad. Let him think you are a good human being and don't think wrong of people. He will think you know how to make the situation right. He will like you even more!

5. Improve their flaws without letting them know you noticed them.let them feel it on their own that you are improving them. They will feel more dependent on you and ask advice henceforth.

6. Always offer to pay. Whether he lets you pay or not always make sure you force to pay, and maintain this unless you are super broke. Then ensure to tell him you are. He will appreciate your honesty

7. Don't hate other women. It shows that you are insecure about yourself. When you appreciate a woman that he's probably eying he will like it and feel you are superior.

8. Don't ask him his annual income. He might misunderstand you for a gold digger.

9. Do not introduce him to your friends who don't have a good reputation. He might mistake you for one too! You know the saying, 'birds of the same feather flock together'?

10. Don't demand for expensive gifts. If he gives you a red rose for your one month anniversary accept it with a smile. Don't tell him you are disappointed and were hoping for a cell phone.