Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo's Steamy Secret

Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo's Steamy Secret

According to Nick and Vanessa, the couple that showers together, stays together.

In another case of celebrity TMI, Vanessa Minnillo revealed to that she and her boyfriend of four years, Nick Lachey, take all their showers together. But contrary to what you might have been thinking, these shared showers aren't about conserving water (seeing as Minnillo also said they occur twice a day), nor are they a steamy form of foreplay.

"We shower, honestly, at least twice a day. We shower in the morning and we shower at some point during the day or before bed," Minnillo divulged. "We both have our own shower heads so we just talk while we're soaping up and doing our hair. It's not a sexual thing and it's not a romantic thing, it just becomes an intimate thing."

Not really understanding the point of Nick and Vanessa's whole cleansing ritual (other than the fact that they must have a pretty big shower)? "You're in your full form, so to speak, and you're vulnerable and we just both let our guard down. I've had some of my most intimate conversations with him in the shower," the True Beauty host elaborated. 7 Ways To Make Your Love Life More Sensual

Sorry, but we're still not seeing the appeal here. Sure, hanging out in the nude is intimate (duh!), but we assume if Minnillo and Lachey are still going strong after all this time, they probably spend plenty of time hanging out in their birthday suits already. Is washing your hair together really gonna bring you closer? And is shaving your legs, pits, and even your you-know-what in front of your honey really the kind of intimacy we should be after? After all, haven't the experts been telling us to maintain at least some semblance of mystery in our relationships?

Now don't get us wrong, sudsing up with a man can be incredibly fun and sexy, but in our experience, it works best when the point is not getting clean and having deep conversations, but good old fashion fooling around. But hey, maybe it's kinda like when you have your best ideas on the john, except in this case it's your best convos in the shower? 

Ironically, Vanessa remarked that while she's all for sharing the shower, she wouldn't pull a Jessica Simpson and team up with Nick for a reality show, saying, "I think that there's something to be said for keeping intimate moments to yourself…" But obviously not intimate moments that take place in the bathroom, right Vanessa? 5 Couples Destroyed By Reality TV

So what do you think: Are Vanessa and Nick onto something or do you prefer soaping up solo on most days?

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