How To Liespot Your Man


Pamela Meyer's new book gives women the tools they need to detect deception in their relationships.

There are times it's obvious when a man is lying. Like when he opens his mouth. Just kidding! We're not that bitter (typically). But seriously, there are times in some relationships when you wonder if he really was at his buddy Jim's house playing poker until 3:30 a.m. Or if that woman Mindy with the ginormous ta-tas who friended him on Facebook really is "just some girl that used to live up the street" from him. lemondrop: Foolproof Ways to Tell If He's Lying

Well, with the help of Pamela Meyer, author of Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception—and Harvard Business School grad—now you can know for sure. We caught up with Meyer to learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to men and relationships.

Lemondrop: How did you come to learn this lie-detecting skill? 
Meyer: Don't worry, I don't go around interrogating wise-guys, terrorists or insurance salesmen. Five years ago, at my Harvard Business School 20th reunion, I took a workshop with 350 of my classmates where a professor detailed his findings on how people behave when they are being deceptive. lemondrop: Relationship Deception—How to Avoid It and Repair the Damage

What they do with their posture, their purses, their backpacks, their language structure, their smiles. I witnessed something you rarely see. For 45 minutes straight, 350 people were riveted. No one was tapping at their blackberries. No one was running to the hall to start a conference call. People who thought they had seen it all were learning something completely new and useful. When I witnessed this unusual moment of executive silence, I knew I had happened onto something interesting. 

I then trained in advanced interrogation techniques, facial micro-expression reading, behavior elicitation and body language and gesture pattern analysis, and combined that training, which is usually the domain of the intelligence world and law enforcement, with a survey of all of the published research in the field of deception. lemondrop: 'I Discovered My Husband Was Gay'

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Written by Colleen Oakley for lemondrop