Political Victories Put People In The Mood For Sex

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Sex and politics: Google searches for pornography spike after political victories.

If you're a tried and true Democrat, it's likely Obama's 2008 presidential win made you feel footloose and fancy-free. Perhaps you made a beeline to your neighborhood bar for some reckless blue shot imbibing or the next morning awoke to newly purchased items on your credit card (hey, the economy is bound to improve, right?). Statistically speaking, however, if you're a fan of the erotic arts, it's more likely then not that you Googled searched something naughty. Something... pornographic for your own personal, solo celebration that evening. 

A husband and wife psychologist team decided to get to the bottom of whether or not political victories cause an upswing in pornography usage. It turns out, YES, there is in fact more titillating viewing going on the night of an election, but only if you happened to vote for the winning party. Never thought about it, right? Neither had we! 5 Fascinating Sex Facts From Largest Sex Survey

Villanova University's Patrick Markey, who collaborated with his wife, Charlotte Markey of Rutgers University, found that after a big election, testosterone will rise or fall depending on the outcome. Their next logical thought process was whether or not a spike in Google searches for porn would follow suit. They tracked the 2004 presidential election, 2006 midterm elections and 2008 presidential elections and collected data on the top 10 Google searches the week before and week after with each state. Sure enough, those areas that went to the winning politician searched more naughty words ("boobs" etc) than in the losing areas. Can A Democrat Love A Republican?

"We don't know for sure if testosterone is the reason why we are seeing these changes in porn-seeking behavior," Patrick Markey said, "but it seems like the best explanation at the moment. If we saw this just for one election, you might chalk it up to chance, but we saw a pattern with it happening three times. It's also cool that we saw these results with both Republicans and Democrats—that these were general results not just driven by one political party."

Presidential elections: Helping Americans get off since 1789.

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