Do You Canoodle With Your Coworkers?


Is it ever okay to date someone in your office?

Each week Lyz on Love aspires to do one thing. Make a video that doesn't suck. If I aspire to do two things, it's a video that doesn't suck on love and relationships topics from around the web. This week, I'm talking inter-office dating. Coworker canoodling. Dipping your pen in the company ink. Carpooling. Did I forget anything?

Here we are in a recession. (Apparently, it's over... so they say.) Americans who have jobs are working harder and more hours than ever, and the American's who don't have jobs are desperately searching. So, given the stress of work and this economy, now comes the news that there are office love-haters out there hating on the idea of inter-office dating.

According to Business Week, it's not the lovers that are the problem, it's the coworkers suing companies for allowing inter-office dating. Talk about being bitter. What do coworkers want to do? Actually work? Preposterous. Nothing is more antithetical to the American nature. Of course, I say this as someone who never dated someone in the office. Although, I did meet my husband while we were working at Sears, we keep our relationship strictly professional until we both quit. There was no hanky-panky over the cheap polyester suits or power tools. 10 Things Not To Say To A Co-Worker Crush

In hindsight, I deeply regret this oversight. Mostly because I lost out on the opportunity to make jokes about power tools. Be ye not so foolish. Without further ado, here is this week's Lyz on Love. Let me know what you think about inter-office dating.  Things Getting Steamy With A Co-Worker? You May Need A Love Contract


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