Men: 5 Phrases We Just Don't Want To Hear Anymore

Love, Heartbreak

The time has come to retire these lame and predictable excuses.

We are gathered here today to lay to rest some of the hardest-working, most tired "boy moves" that men have pulled in the history of dating

These lame and predictable maneuvers have been driving women insane for centuries, and after all this time, we women have decided to tell you a little something: We're on to you. lemondrop: 'The End of Men'? -- I May Have Married the Last Manly One

We know these moves, we know what they mean (and what they actually mean), and we know that they're specially designed to make us feel crazy. We're done with them. Let us bow our heads for these top five most obnoxious boy moves, which I am hereby proclaiming to be dead on the battlefield. lemondrop: My Boyfriend's a Cheating Fool

The first:

"My life is just really complicated right now." 

This gem is one that we still seem to swallow despite the fact that it means absolutely nothing. Complicated? Like a jigsaw puzzle? Like you're busy operating on babies? Or like you don't really want to stop doing whatever you're doing to see the movie I want to see? I see. Instead, just try saying "I don't want to be your boyfriend." We're grown-ups, we can handle it. lemondrop: How to Break Up With A Guy

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Written by Emily Gordon for lemondrop