A Love Triangle Turned Lethal

Buzz, Love

A rivalry may have led to a 17,000-foot parachuting accident.

Do you remember that kooky astronaut* who used a diaper, a few forties of Red Bull and some duct tape to take on her rival in a spacey love triangle? Yeah, that space case was a real laugher compared to a recent murder trial in Belgium. Ex-Astronaut: I Wanted to Clear Up Love Triangle

The land of chocolate and JCVD played host to really bad skydiving "accident." According to Reuters, a woman went airplane jumping-out with her dude, her dude's male buddy and a rival for her dude's affection(s) and wound up crashing into a garden some 17,000 feet below where she jumped out of a perfectly good plane. The rival, one Els Clottemans, maintains her innocence and claims that the victim was someone she considers a friend. The prosecution claims she has mental issues and that the sabotage could be committed by an experienced skydiver in 30 seconds with a pair of scissors and a bad attitude.

Taking a step back, the focal point of the love triangle, a Dutch named Marcel Somers, was said to entertain both women in an on-off fashion and the prosecution claim that Clottemans wanted the Netherlander to herself (and may have several psychological disorders). Not to suggest that skydivers aren't a very conscientious and safety-minded community, but having the other woman (or the main woman if you're the other woman) pack your 'chute is a bit of a mistake. I believe that we all saw the films Terminal Velocity and the black version, Drop Zone, and know that skydiving is a real thrill ride and anything can happen out there with the egos flying high and the pedal to the metal.

Be careful out there when chemical imbalances and matters of the heart try to make a sandwich. She will not be ignored.

*Note: Has anyone ever called her an astro-nut? N'yuk n'yuk.

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