Is The Relationship-Defining Talk Unnecessary?

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This expert believes that the dreaded "commitment" conversation may not be needed at all.

You know the saying, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. 

But when does a casual series of drinks and meeting up at parties become a deeper entanglement of feelings, fascinating discussions about the origin of childhood scars and trips to the grocery store for toilet paper and dish detergent? To use the parlance of our times, when does a hook-up evolve into a relationship? lemondrop: Can We Hook Up Without Getting Feelings Involved?

Let's face it: Sometimes you need to know just what's going on here. And sometimes you need to know when you should fess up and let Loverboy know his is not the only clock you're cleaning. How should a classy gal like you broach the topic with sensitivity, respect and courtesy?

Relationship expert Tristan Coopersmith, whose website has spawned the book Menu Dating: Taste Test Your Way to the Main Course, believes that the dreaded "commitment" conversation may not be needed at all. lemondrop: Ten Relationship Myths, Debunked

"In many relationships 'the talk' isn't even needed because one day the commitment is just understood, or it happens accidentally," she explains. "He's introducing you to someone and out comes the word 'girlfriend.' You exchange a knowing smile and maybe seal it with a kiss and just like that, you are exclusive." lemondrop: Guys Say 'I Love You' First

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Written by Liz Scott for lemondrop