Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy Are Working It Out

Jim Carrey Jenny McCarthy

Our favorite, funny couple is reportedly rekindling their relationship.

Five months after calling their quirky romance off, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy might be getting ready for round number two!

According to Star Magazine, the couple, who dated for 5 years before splitting up, met up again in late August and have been talking nearly every day since. Although the two had an amicable split back in April and even both posted about it on their Twitter accounts, reportedly it was Jenny who broke up with Jim, after realizing that his bouts of depression made life with the comedian too difficult at times. Did Jenny McCarthy Leave Jim Carrey Over Drugs?

"Jenny has told Jim that she missed him, and he didn’t want to end it in the first place," said an insider to Star. "Jenny now thinks she may have rushed into breaking up with Jim. He can be hard to deal with, but he can also be so sweet and loving and fun."

The only problem? Both Jim and Jenny are supposedly dating other people. Jenny has been seeing a male "former fitness model" since June while Jim has been seen out and about with a "stunning brunette." According to people who know them, however, it’s only a matter of time before they reunite. Jim Carrey And Jenny McCarthy Breakup On Twitter

"Jim’s daughter, Jane, had urged Jenny to take him back all along," said the source. "Everyone in their circles agrees that Jim and Jenny belong together."

Although Gossip Cop claims that the report is wrong and that the two are not getting back together, Jim and Jenny are such a cool, funny couple, and Jim seems like a good father figure for Jenny’s 8-year-old, autistic son. We really hope these two crazy kids can make it work! 

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