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Nancy Wilson And Cameron Crowe Are Divorcing

Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe are divorcing

Looks like there's finally an answer to Heart's musical question, "What About Love," and that is: "What about it?" One of the band's famous sisters, Nancy Wilson, recently filed for divorce from her husband of 22 years, director Cameron Crowe.

The couple met back in 1982 when Nancy's friend Kelly Curtis (Pearl Jam's manager) and Cameron's pal, photographer Neal Preston decided that their friends would be perfect for each other. Even though they hit it off immediately, they took the relationship slow and didn't marry until four years later. The busy couple also took their time in starting a family, as Nancy didn't give birth to their twins until 2000, when she was 46. When Should You Have Children?

Since they're so rare, we always hate to hear about a long-standing show biz marriage ending. And Nancy and Cameron seemed like one of the more solid celeb couples out there, so we have to wonder what went wrong. In the divorce papers, Nancy states that the couple officially separated in June and cites the old standby, "irreconcilable differences." Nancy is also seeking joint custody of the couple's 10-year old sons and spousal support.

We're not sure why a successful chick like Nancy would need spousal support. But she did get a lot of work from Cameron over the years, writing the score for several of his movies, including Almost Famous and Vanilla Sky, so the end of the marriage most likely means the end of that source of income.

Scoop: People.com. Photo: Eric Charbonneau/Wireimage

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