Links We Love: Married With Guns

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The new show "Undercovers" is all about, guns, violence and marriage. Plus, 7 other links we love.

Every week, Traditional Love rounds up the best links about love, marriage and fighting over chores. This week, we are talking about J.J. Abram's new T.V. show Undercovers that's all about marriage and bazookas. Seems about right to me! Also, taking a vacation with your family, finding time for sex and other links we love. Also, make sure you check out YourTango's 31-Day Sex Challenge starting in October. It's going to be epic.

Undercovers is about marriage and killing people...But I repeat myself. [Entertainment Weekly]

Divorce insurance? A good idea or a self-fulfilling prophecy? [FoxNews]

Would you let your husband marry another woman? How about 4 other women? [HuffPo]

A man and woman meet playing Mafia Wars and marry. See, Facebook doesn't have to ruin marriage. [AllFacebookFacebook and Your Marriage

Taking a vacation without your spouse or your family. Is it selfish or a wise move? [Project Happily Ever After]

Does football need to be more family friendly? [Better Husbands and Fathers

When it comes to love, choices equal misery. [Marriage Gems]

Too busy for sex? Try these moves to amp up your love life. [HitchedMag]

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