Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore Won't Divorce

Demi Moore

Although, sadly, it's looking likely that Ashton cheated. He even sent his reported mistress texts!

Ever since the indiscretions of Tiger Woods and Jesse James, the tabloid magazines have gone on a witch-hunt to find the next cheating celebrity whose ensuing scandal and crumbling marriage will help boost their sales. And, now, with 4 tabloid magazine covers devoted to his supposed cheating, it looks like Ashton Kutcher might be a contender.

Although there have been many reports of Ashton admiring his young co-stars like Natalie Portman and Katherine Heigl (He even told Howard Stern once that on-screen love scenes were like "free cheating,") Star Magazine was the first to allege that Ashton’s wandering eye had expanded to include non-celebs as well. A few weeks ago, Star claimed that the actor made out with a young blonde woman at a restaurant in Los Angeles. More recently, they also reported that he had a fling this past summer with a girl named Brittney Jones, who claims that she had sex with Ashton on the couch in the home that he shares with his wife of 5 years, Demi Moore. Maybe Ashton And Demi Aren't Meant To Be After All

Brittney first met Ashton when she spotted him with Demi and her daughter Rumor at a Hollywood bowling alley and slipped him her number. Three days later, while Demi was away shooting a movie, they hooked-up at his house:

"We made love on the couch. He's a great lover, very considerate and sweet," Brittney told the magazine. Reportedly, they also met up once more, two weeks later, before Ashton ended the affair.

Although Ashton angrily Tweeted that Star was publishing "fiction" and had his attorney release a statement that the report was all lies, Ashton has yet to specifically deny the scandal, and Brittney supposedly has proof in the form of text messages. (Oh, Ashton, did you learn nothing from Tiger Woods?) Did Ashton Cheat on Demi With A Young Blonde?

"Ashton was really paranoid," said Brittney. "My phone was broken at the time, so I couldn't receive or make calls, I could only text."

Supposedly, he sent her a text that said "what are u wearing now?" just hours after they first met. The two also made their rendez-vous plans by text as well.