Jennifer Aniston And John Mayer: Together Or Not?

Jennifer Aniston

OK! Magazine cover story sparks rumors that Aniston and Mayer are together... Yet again.

Extra, extra! Read all about it: the love story between America's Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston and singer John Mayer is back on the front pages for the umpteenth million time—this time through an exclusive in OK! Magazine. Apparently, their latest issue is supposed to include an exclusive with her friends, who say that despite the rollercoaster affair Aniston and Mayer have had, the pair wants to give their romance another shot.

However, what's an Aniston-Mayer story without a little more drama and confusion? In an interesting turn of events, US Weekly reports that a rep for Mayer denies the OK! story: "John is single. These reunion rumors are 100-percent fabricated." This quote comes one month after Mayer states he's "completely single."

Truthfully, this level of back and forth is more intense than watch a really good tennis match during the US Open. And, with their constant on and off again status, we're not quite sure if all these stories are because people won't let this couple's relationship stay in the past or if the pair really can't get enough of each other. Aniston & Mayer: Third Time's The Charm?

In any case, we'd have to go out on a limb and say that we're not quite convinced that Mayer, as much as he's the bad boy we love and hate, is the best fit for Aniston, who hasn't had the best luck with men over the last few years. After all, Aniston definitely deserves to stop the chase and find her happiness, whether it's Mayer or not. Jennifer Aniston, Single Girl Poster Child

However, if they are still undecided about each other, we're hoping that they figure out whatever they're going to be to each other (if anything) and just put us out of our misery as quickly as possible. It'll help us all move on.

Here's to hoping they both get it together—and agree on it, too.

Photo via INF.