Ethan Hawke: My Life Is Like 'The Sound of Music'

Ethan Hawke

The actor claims that his nanny romance is less Jude Law-like and more Rodgers & Hammerstein.

While we’d like to give Ethan the benefit of the doubt (perhaps he meant that he and Ryan periodically burst into song?), the fact is that The Sound of Music was about a widowed man falling in love with his kids’ nanny, not a married one! And say what you want about Jude’s philandering ways, at least had the sense to eventually reconcile with Sienna Miller and not marry the help.

Our verdict: Even if Ryan were to start twirling around Austrian mountaintops and hiding Ethan’s kids from the Nazis, she will always have more in common with Daisy Wright than Julie Andrews.

Photo Credit: INF

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