Prince Harry Is Single

Prince Harry

The prince’s romance with Chelsy Davy is over. Plus, Prince Charles may not be his dad! Poor Harry.

We’ve got good news for any of you ladies out there who are still spending way too much money every night at London hotspots, secretly hoping to run-into a royal and become a real-life princess: While Kate Middleton has seemingly latched her claws into Prince William for good, Prince Harry, however, is back on the market!

The 26-year-old "spare" prince reportedly ended his 5-year relationship with girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 24, after she decided to abandon her plans to work at a law firm in London and move back home to South Africa. It seems that the long-distance aspect of their relationship proved to be too difficult for the couple, especially as Harry’s military career as a helicopter pilot left him little time for romance.

Harry isn’t moping about the split, however, and, in true party-boy fashion, was spotted chatting up girls at a club in London recently. According to the Daily Mail, he also did something that most 20-something guys would do after a break-up: He took down a photo of him and Chelsy off of his Facebook page. (We’re guessing that Chelsy, who broke up with Harry back in January 2009 by changing her relationship status to single, is also editing her photo albums as we speak.) Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy Split

"Although they have always largely conducted their romance a continent apart, both of them were relatively carefree students - this time round they are at very different stages of their lives and careers,” said an insider to Britain's Daily Express newspaper, adding that, "Harry is a realist. They will always be friends." (Yes, but what good is being friends when you were this close to being a princess? You blew it, Chelsy!)