Community: I'm Fat And I Get Dates


The other day I was reading another article by another woman who'd been heavy and depressed and couldn't get a date to save her life. Now she was skinny with low self-esteem and wow a man who didn't mind that she was former fat.. I nearly lost it.

Okay, I am 230lbs. I've been thin. I've been bigger. I want to tell you a fact... I have NEVER had a problem getting a date! I don't date "fat admirers" at least not generally. I do not post on BBW sites. I am that elusive woman people ask about, that mysterious larger woman who men find themselves strangely attracted to. I am not young, I am not putting myself out there or overly flirtatious. I am not the one night stand girl. I am the woman who gets the hot guys and everyone wonders... what's that special quality she's got? I am here to tell you... it's called Real Confidence!

I am not talking out of the book self esteem, I am not talking about good hair day confidence, I am talking about confidence that is with you on those days when you are having bad hair, bloated, and can still shake it off and do your own thing! I am authentic and up front about who I am. I can be fun, scary, intimidating, bold, aloof, silly or just plain boring some days. I can be happy reading a book or putting body paint on my stretch marks!

Another fact is I'm not afraid to hang out with beautiful, confident women. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and beliefs. When I am out with them and we go to a club or a coffeehouse, one experience we often have is that men.. many men start watching us. They see what we reflect off each other.. which is the beauty and admiration. Confident, proud, real women are out having fun and living lives. Hope you are or will be one of them!