Maybe Ashton And Demi Aren't Meant To Be After All


See what the zodiac has in store for the world's hottest May-December couple.

Blah blah cougar blah Demi blah Ashton blah too young blah itll never work blah. We've heard it all before, but these new rumers (pun intended!) about Ashton dipping his wick in a much younger candle are pretty disconcerting. Did Ashton Cheat on Demi With A Young Blonde?

It seems that, according to Star Magazine, Mr. Kutcher's lady du jour hails from a local bowling alley (kuh-LASSY!); they met at Lucky Strike Lanes while Ash and Dem were having a blended-family night out. According to the other woman, it took almost no time for her be invited over for a horizontal mambo session with Ashton, but there's a silver lining; "it was tender and niceand not some random sex act," she said. (That merits a 360-degree eye-roll and a massive "whatever" from us.)

Even though the whole thing seems a bit fishy, we're not sure what to think. Could Ashton be cheating? Are he and Demi right for each other? And will their whole May-December romance end in some Fourth-of-July-style fireworks? Moonit's ready to find out. Cougars Are Not An Actual Trend

According to their birth dates, Ashton (born on February 7, 1978) may have won Demi (born on November 11, 1962) over with some serious game. (Someone who looks like Ashton knows how to be a player? Go figure.) Kutcher is inclined to approach this relationship with a cool detachment, while Demis a little needier in the emotional department, looking to him for some guidance and support.

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