Why Kim Kardashian Couldn't Make It With Miles


According to their birth date analysis, Kim and Miles don't exactly make for a stable duo.

After dating NFL-er Reggie Bush and soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim moved on to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin over the summer. Since then, reliable sources have said that the two were rock solid, despite keeping a low profile. And even Kim's bro-in-law Lamar gave him the "green light."

But alas, they've decided to call it quits. Why? Kim and Miles are apparently victims of "busy schedules" and "distance issues"– straight out of the Hollywood agent handbook. We're tired of all the BS excuses, so Moonit's taking a look back on our predictions for their relationship back in July when they first got together…

According to their birth date analysis, Kim (born on October 21, 1980) and Miles (born on June 30, 1984) don't exactly make for a stable duo. Their romantic assessment explains that, "this isn't going to be one of those relationships where they can sit back and put things on auto-pilot. It's as intense as playing a game of Russian Roulette, only–in this case? We'd advise against putting their lives on the line."

The analysis goes on to say that, "for one reason or another, they're drawn to each other by a supernatural force…with intense feelings and a lot of passion…in the beginning, they're in for some wild and crazy nights." But what happens after the initial attraction and earth-shattering hook-ups fade? "They've got to actually try to make a real relationship work. And it's going to take a massive effort to get this one to run smoothly."

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