Unmarried NY Couples Can Now Adopt


Cohabiting and gay couples can now get themselves a New York orphan.

The governing bodies of the city, state and county of New York (OK, maybe not the county; Randall's Island may be a holdout) are doing their mediumest to facilitate gay marriage. Last time around, the enterprising city hall of the world's capital (that's New York, ya'll) decided that they would tell gay couples where they could get married. The time before that, they did gay couples a solid and recognized domestic partnerships, so that NYC employees could extend benefit coverage to their sweethearts. But this latest push from Governor David Paterson may be the dandiest to date. NYC To Tell Gays Where To Marry

Per WBNG.com (a NY CBS affiliate's website), Spitzer's legally blind replacement signed into bill a law that will allow unmarried couples to adopt a kid together. Clearly, the law is intended to hook gay couples up with the ability to get babies. As per usual, proponents of the bill like it. Opponents of the bill says it's no good.

While the bill is clearly intended to make adoption easier for gay couples (as the state doesn't allow for same-sex marriages), you have to wonder if lots of straight couples who happen to be on the fence about marriage are also going to benefit from this. Because couples with a grudge against the institution of marriage, and/or an inability to get pregnant, also deserve a chance to change diapers. Adoption Or IVF: Do We Have To Decide?

Do kids stand a better change, adopted or otherwise, if their parents (adopted or otherwise) are married? Also, looking to Brad and Angelina as a prime example, is unmarried adoption addictive?