Men Propose Sooner In Cities With Few Single Women

man preparing to propose
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The best cities for singles eager to propose are those where single men outnumber single women.

Decisions, decisions. Anybody who's ventured down the candy aisle at Target knows that the more options you're presented with, the harder it is to choose one of them. Apparently, the same philosophy applies to single men, who put off proposing when they have a surplus of single women to pick from. The fewer women there are, the more likely a man is to commit. 

A recent study from the University of Michigan surveyed major metropolitan areas in America to see if there was a correlation between marriage age and gender imbalance in those cities. After controlling for income and race, researchers found that women living in areas dominated by males tended to marry earlier. As it turns out, the best cities for singles looking to settle down aren't the ones with the most romantic locales, but the ones with the most available men. 5 Steps To Take If Your Man Hasn't Proposed

Scientists suggest that the men living in those cities propose sooner to prevent competitors from stealing her away. Since these women presumably have their pick of the litter, men who get edged out in the competition delay marriage so that they can build up their finances and social status. Top 10 Cities For Online Dating

If you're at all tempted to move because of this data, you're in luck: researchers have provided the top gender-imbalanced areas for your consideration. The top five cities with more men than women are Las Vegas, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Austin, TX; and Phoenix.

The top five cities with more women than men are Birmingham, AL; Memphis, TN; New Orleans; Richmond, VA; and a three-way tie for New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

How has your city affected your dating life?