Can you get back with your past lover?

Can you get back with your past lover?
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To all the females out there, I do not lie about who I am. I don't have time to fabricate an entire person, just so you fall in love with me. I don't understand where I am in my love life, and I don't think anybody else does. There is a sick part of me, that likes to keep all my ex's attached. I said it once, and I still believe in it. (I'm pretty sure that I can do sexual things with any female that I have already done sexual things with.)
                   For instance, I broke up with this female I was with for about 5 months. After our relationship faded, she came over to my apartment while I was away, got in an argument with my room mate, and kicked my car window out. You might be thinking to yourself, (Why would you tell me this?). Because 3 months later, I sent her a message on facebook, and now we are talking again. I strongly believe that if you have hit it once, you can hit it again. No matter what the circumstance is, if your game was tight enough the first time, the second time should be to easy.
                     The real skill comes in on the third, fourth, or fifth time. Can you break off a relationship, come back into that persons life, leave again. Come back a different time, leave again, and in the entire situation still get sex from that person? I have lmao, I have done that with more then one female. Now why do I believe this so much? I think the positive out weights the negative. For instance.
                    You see this person that strikes your interest at a club. You have to go talk to them, and build a relationship. Or maybe you get lucky with someone that just wants to have fun for a night, but you still have to apply work to get your foot in the door. With your ex's, you've already been through the door, walked around the building, and left. This is why I believe that if you are having sexual frustrations, and your hand isn't cutting it. Go through your phone book, and try to test your game. See if you can mend a relationship that you thought was a total lost cause.
                I for one, am switching to a more less active sex life. There are to many diseases going around these days. Each time you have sex, you are putting yourself at risk. Each time you masturbate, you get off faster, and have no risk at all. That brings me to my next topic. Why is it so difficult for females to get me off? (I say females because I'm not gonna say people, I only have sexual contact with one gender FEMALES) Is it because my head isn't in the game? Maybe I'm worried about my performance to much? Maybe the female isn't doing her job good enough? I've had sex with around 30 different females, and I have probably only got off 30% of the time. If that? When I masturbate, I get off 100% of the time lmao.
              Just remember, be safe, and enjoy life to the fullest. I may not have found the girl that is right for me, or maybe I'm just meant to be single. I have high standards, but then again I think I'm pretty sexy, and have the right to have high standards. =)) Why is it, that I get with those girls that I thought I never could get with, and then when I am with them it is so unsatisfying? The moment leading up to the actual moment, is always greater then the actual moment. The anticipation, anxiety, and the what if? Is always better then the actuality. The night before Christmas, is always better then Christmas. The anticipation of losing your virginity, is much greater then actually losing your virginity.
               If I could have done it all over, I would say CELIBACY. If your a virgin, your not really missing much. Yes sex is great, but only in the moment. When you look back, if your having sex just to ejaculate. You might as well just masturbate. After all, sex was intended for us to have children. So when (Becky) Gets pregnant at the age of 14, and is SO SHOCKED, remember you had sexual intercourse when you know what the outcome could be.
Condoms, Birth Control Pill, Vasectomy, Vaginal Condoms, and all the other birth preventions. Are preventing the natural occurrence of sex. Children! Have we forgotten what sex is for? What the reason behind it is? REPOPULATE, and then we have people that are conceiving children before they are ready for them. Abortion, adoption, thats not the answer. The answer is SELF CONTROL. If you want to feeling of sex, try ORAL sex. =)) Or if your going to have sex, AIM BETTER. =)) I've had sex quite a few times, and I don't have any kids running around on this planet. AHHH I'm done.  Blog Over.       -Kid