Michael Grimm Plans To Marry His Girlfriend

Michael Grimm winner of America's Got Talent

When an 'America's Got Talent'-winning man loves a woman, he pops the question.

Southern soul crooner Michael Grimm recently became a household name—at least in the households that watch America's Got Talent. The soft-spoken, fedora-loving singer won this year's contest, surprising many who thought that 10-year-old opera phenom, Jackie Evancho, had it in the bag.

Throughout the competition, Michael's humble attitude and tale of woe—the grandparents who raised him lost their home to Hurricane Katrina—helped him win over the hearts of the voting public. And there are certainly plenty of ladies out there who are crushing hard on this new reality TV star. But Michael won't be singing love songs to any of those new fans anytime soon. As he told People.com, his inspiration is his girlfriend of three years, Lucy, to whom he dedicated his winning performance of "When a Man Loves a Woman." 10 Famous Love Songs About 7 Famous Women

Despite his little on-stage flirtation with finale guest star Jewel, Michael has his mind on a different kind of jewel. He's revealed that he plans to spend some of his $1 million prize on an engagement ring for Lucy, saying, "That’s my girl, and I’m not gonna let that one go."

Michael will also spend some of his winnings (and his salary as a Las Vegas headliner) on a new house for his grandparents. Sweet, right? Lucy is a lucky lady.

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC.