Can Women Trick Themselves Into Better Sex?

woman smiling blindfold

A new clinical trial using a placebo pill says women have better sex by expecting it.

It's no secret that women are the trickier, more cerebral gender when it comes to sex. Unlike the visually beguiled and easily pleased male species, it often takes more then a wink and nod from a pretty face to get a woman revved up and in the mood. 

That is unless she thinks she should be in the mood.

A recent study out of The University of Texas at Austin and Baylor College of Medicine studied 200 women with sexual arousal complaints (low sexual desire, low sexual arousal and problems with orgasm). Out of the 200, 50 were administered placebos in place of libido-inducing medicine. Surprisingly, the scientists found that a third of those taking the placebo marked an increase in sexual arousal and all-around better sexual experiences with more stimulation within four weeks. Needless to say, none of the women's partners were counseled on better sex tips. There were no tuturorials on the female anatomy or couples counseling.

So can this increase in female arousal be chalked up to just coincidence? Is it just by chance that these women began having better sex once they thought they should be having better sex? 7 Sex Truths Everyone Should Know

"The findings from our study show how a woman's expectations to improve sexually can have a substantial positive effect on her sexual well-being without any actual drug treatment," Cindy Meston, a clinical psychology professor at The University of Texas at Austin says. "Expecting to get better and trying to find a solution to a sexual problem by participating in a study seems to make couples feel closer, communicate more and even act differently towards each other during sexual encounters."

Interesting. Perhaps another argument for female viagra, whether or not it's 100 percent effective? Will Science Fix The Female Orgasm?