Love And The Classroom


When it comes to love in the classroom, what are the rules?

Lyz On Love is a weekly round-up of internet news about love and relationships and all those other indoor sports. This week on Lyz On Love, I am talking about love and the classroom. In the video, I confess to dating a classmate, who turned out to just be using me to make his ex girlfriend jealous. Sadly, she never became jealous. Was it my sweet '90s suspenders or stylish newsboy caps? We will never know. What I left out of the video is that I ended up using him to drive around in his convertible and egg people's houses. (I sure hope there is a statute of limitations on those confessions.) So, in the end, that relationship worked out for me.

I also dated another classmate, this time in college. He just played the guitar and World of Warcraft. A. Lot. But he did make me some sweet mix CDs. I think it lasted a month. There is only so much you can do in a relationship that is based on video games and Ben Harper covers.

Have you dated a classmate? How did it go? Did you get married? Did you end up making an awkward gossipy mess of your campus? I'd love to hear your stories, especially since I am pretty sure I just confessed to some sort of crime.

Here is this week's videos and links: 

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Let me know what you think about dating and the classroom.