Links We Love: Did You Marry The Wrong Person?

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How to know if you married the wrong person and 9 other links we love.

Every week, Traditional Love brings you a round up of news and stories about marriage and making it work. This week we are talking about celebrity marriages, self-actualization, marrying the wrong person and other great topics. Below are 10 links we love from this past week. Let us know what you are reading and talking about in the comments below. Mr. Wrong or Mr. Right? How To Tell If It's Time To Stay Or Go

Does getting married and having kids lead to true self-actualization? [NY Times]

Feeling down about your spouse? Well, guess what. We all married the wrong person. [Marriage Gems]

Sometimes the biggest threat to a marriage is thinking that it is a perfect one. [Psychology Today]

Are you dating for fun or dating to find a partner? There is only one right answer. [Engaged Marriage]

Is Facebook destroying your marriage? [FOX News

Everything you know about cheating in marriage is wrong. [The Stir]

How do you define "a family"? [The Washington Post]

Why get married on 9/11? One couple tells their story. [Lemondrop]

Celebrities think they have marriage all figured out. [The Frisky]

Living in the college dorms and playing football isn't the easiest way to begin a marriage. [Michigan Live]