Is Kate Gosselin Looking Sexy For The Bodyguard?

Kate Gosselin

The mom of eight shows off a new body and addresses rumors of a new romance.

While we wouldn't totally mind Kate Gosselin fading out of the media, she's always doing something we can't help but notice. This time, the blonde, limelight-obsessed, mom-of-eight is plastered all over cyberspace with a bit more impressive story to tell: it seems that this diva is rocking a hot new bikini body (and we speculate breasts too), which she's showing off on the cover of People. And, according to US Weekly, it looks like she was getting pretty cozy with her bodyguard, Steve Neild, while in Cabo St. Lucas, recently.

Hmm. Let's think about this. First of all, Gosselin looks pretty awesome and it's great that she's proud to show it off. Sure, we're a little worn out by her constantly reinventing herself. However, after eight kids, we'd showcase a body like that, too.

Secondly, the bodyguard thing. While she's denied the rumors, calling them "absurd" in her interview with People, we wouldn't necessarily mind if they were true. I mean, after the intense break up with Jon and going without sex for so long, it may not be such a bad thing for her to get back into the saddle again. Poor Kate Gosselin Hasn't Had Sex In 15 Months

Sheesh. Who knew that her nature-defying ability to give birth to twins and sextuplets was the key to an "Instant Celebrity" card?

Whatever the case, mission accomplished—her MILF status has been noted. And, why not? From an ugly divorce to a couple of disasterous hair styles, a beating on Dancing with the Stars and that whole Anderson Cooper thing... Well, she could stand to have a bit of positive happen to her. And if that comes in the form of a hot bod and a bodyguard lover, then why not? Maybe those good things will get her to channel her energies into finding new love. Kate Gosselin Is 'Ready To Date,' But Who?

Either way, we're sure Gosselin will keep us informed every step of the way.

Photo via INF.