Are Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Back Together?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reunite

America's favorite dysfunctional lesbian duo are rumored to be dating again!

Since her stint in the big house, Lindsay Lohan seems focused on getting her life back together, and apparently that includes her romance with Samantha Ronson. Rumor has it that the turbulent twosome has reunited...but will it last?

Both parties have said on several occasions that, even though their relationship was a mess, they still have feelings for one another. Sam was very supportive of Linz when she was in the klink, visiting her often and defending her against mockery from the likes of Joan Rivers. There were even rumors before Lindsay began her prison sentence that the ex-couple's rekindled friendship had turned into something more.

According to Life & Style's Scene Queens, Lindsay's cracked-out behavior was the reason Samantha dumped Linz in the first place. So now that LiLo is committed (ostensibly) to beating her various addictions (please let one of those be incessant tweeting), perhaps SamRo is willing to sweep all of the psycho Twitter tirades and public bitch-fights under the rug. A "friend" of Lindsay's dishes:

Lindsay and Sam started speaking as soon as Lindsay got out of rehab. They text constantly. It turned into something more, and they've secretly hooked up...if Lindsay continues to do well, then it will be officially back on between them. At the end of the day, Sam still loves her.

We'd like to believe it's true love, but based on her history, it kind of seems like Linz is just trading in one (or more) addiction for another. We think the girl needs to be alone for a while and figure herself out.

Photo: Getty Images.