4 Love Lessons From The One Tree Hill Premiere

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What One Tree Hill teaches us about relationships.

Welcome back, Tree Hill Ravens. The season eight premiere of One Tree Hill aired last night on the CW and, yes, for those of you who watch, we were surprised, too. Season seven coasted on uncharted waters without stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, but we'd say the show made it and our favorite couples are at it again.

For those of you who don't watch, here's what you're missing: a soap opera set in Tree Hill, North Carolina. It's known for its love triangles, daddy drama, psycho killers and awesome playlists. Currently, fashionista Brooke and movie director Julian are engaged after Brooke struggled with the idea of opening her heart to him. Singer Mia and bartender Chase are broken up, but we wouldn't be surprised if there was a reunion in the works for the two. I mean, she wrote a song for him last season. That's deep. Anyway, married couple Hayley and Nathan are expecting their second child, and his agent Clay and Hayley's sister Quinn are unconscious from fatal gunshots in last season's finale. Ironically, the shooter was his psycho stalker who looks like his dead ex-wife. Prime-time drama. Gotta love it.

Now that we're all caught up, here are four lessons we learned from the premiere that could be helpful in our own, unscripted relationships.

1. Keep things interesting. Hayley, excited about her pregnancy, walked in on Brooke and Julian in scantily clad Grease get-ups while Clay and Quinn unconsciously went skinny dipping. Remember: Role play and spontaneity help keep your relationship fresh and new. Plus, seeing your boyfriend dressed as Danny Zuko would be super sexy... or at least super funny. 5 Ways to Spice Up a Relationship

2. Take the "ex" out of text. Last season, Mia dumped Chase—in a text message. This season, she told him she wanted him back—in a text message. Texting to break up and get back together is a no-no. It's not the reconciliation part that's the problem—it's the texting! Texting is rife with mixed messages (no pun intended) and isn't respectful of the person you're with. Though scary, it's always better to talk about major relationship shifts in person. Can You Really Be "Just Friends" With An Ex?

3. How to give the sex talk. Ah, what parents everywhere dread having to give: the sex talk. Nathan was blindsided when son Jamie (who gets cuter and cuter every episode) asked, "Where do babies come from?" and as a result, he compared Hayley's uterus to a basketbal hoop. When Jamie went to Hayley, she didn't do much better. Parents, take a deep breath. This doesn't have to be awkward. You just need to be as honest as possible. In fact, our friends over at Momlogic have five great tips on how to have the talk without anyone involved being traumatized. Newsweek also has a great list to help you talk about the birds and the bees. Sex Ed Is A Parent's Job

4. Be careful when mixing business with pleasure. Chase and his new love interest Alex haven't only coupled up romantically, but professionally. The two bartend together, which works for the time being. If the relationship hits a rough patch, things could get complicated. Always take things slowly when dating a coworker. 10 Things To Say To Your Coworker Crush

Check out One Tree Hill on the CW Tuesdays at 9 pm EST.