5 Things To Know Before You Plan A Wedding

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Engaged? 5 tips to remember when planning a wedding.

As I mentioned earlier this weekend, I spent Labor Day attending the most awesome wedding I’ve ever been to. Granted, it probably meant that the bride, groom, and both sets of parents bled money consistently for the past year, but there were some non-financial lessons to be learned as well. Here are a few:

  1. A forced vacation means everyone has fun. These particular nuptials were only about two hours away, but the fact that I was out of town, not worrying about getting home after the party, and in vacation mindset meant that I was in fun mode all weekend.
  2. Encourage bonding. This could mean planning introductions between friends and couples you think will get along, or simply getting everyone together before the big day, either at someone’s house or at a bar. If you've danced together once, you will dance together again.
  3. Food doesn't really matter. Yes, the food at this one was great, but it was, like, fifth, after the people, the decor, the location, the music, and the good vibes. This is interesting since many a bride has agonized over whether to serve the crab cakes or the mini-bruschetta (answer: they will probably both be good).
  4. Drinks might not even matter that much. I personally have balked at the idea of having anything less than all the alcohol, all the time. But here we had wine and beer and cute little signature cocktails (this is commonly done), and it was perfectly fine! The bottom line: those who want to get drunk, will.
  5. The ceremony can be short and sweet. In this case, it was perhaps more vital that the ceremony be quick, since the outside temperature hovered around 100 degrees. But the end result is the same, whether you stand at the altar for five minutes or forty-five minutes: "I now pronounce you…husband and wife!"

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Written by Jessica Pauline Ogilvie for The Gloss.

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