Josh Brolin Is No Jesse James

Josh Brolin Diane Lane

"I don’t f-ck around on my wife," claims the actor and husband of Diane Lane.

Ex-marital affairs may be as common in Hollywood as Botox and breast implants (Just ask Sandra Bullock,) but if there’s one celebrity couple who will not be torn apart by cheating rumors, it’s Josh Brolin and his wife of 6 years, Diane Lane.

"I don’t f-ck around on my wife," claims Josh in Playboy’s October issue. "I mean, check her out, man. My relationship with my wife is fantastic." 

Josh, 42, and Diane, 45, reportedly met in 2002 at a movie premiere and were both divorced, single parents at the time.

"My thing was always, 'Stay away, I have a young kid,'" Diane recently told Ladies Home Journal. "And [Josh] was like, 'Oh, yeah? Well, so do I.' It was like, 'Oh, okay. Come on in.'"

Three years into their marriage, there were rumors that Josh had cheated – first, in 2007 with a random woman in New Orleans, and, then later, with his Grindhouse co-star Marley Shelton, both charges that the actor denies. Josh Brolin Cheating On Diane Lane?

"Marley is my wife’s and my great friend," Josh explained of the photo that showed him with Marley. "I’m an extremely affectionate guy...Marley and I were out together, turned around and saw there were cameras. That’s it."

"Next time I see that camera guy, I’m going to give some guy a good smack on the lips and then hopefully it will be 'Josh Brolin is gay' instead of that I’m f-cking around on my wife," he adds, jokingly.

The cheating rumors aren’t the only scandal to test their otherwise strong marriage, however. In December 2004, only four months after they married, Josh was arrested for spousal battery. Although their publicist called the incident a "misunderstanding," Josh told Playboy that he still "feels rage" about it, reports US Magazine.

"I feel I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t explain it, defend it or compensate for it. I can’t say, 'No, I’m actually a really good guy and that didn’t happen.' Everybody knows what happened because it’s all out there."