The French Say They Are All Having Bad Sex


Guess Paris as "the City of Love" was just a marketing ploy.

The truth is finally out about the French. They may be better at tying scarves, not getting fat and producing adorably whimsical directors, but they're NOT better in bed. lemondrop: Even the Fit French Think They're Fat

At least not according to a new survey from the dubiously named "Institute for Public Opinion," which reported that 76 percent of French people say they have bad sex lives.

The survey of 1,000 French adults found that one in three women use common excuses like headaches (sounds more convincing in French!) or stress to avoid getting busy in bed. And one in six men also copped to similar excuses. lemondrop: Is The Best Sex Sex With Somebody You Love?

Even worse, around half of those polled said they had "no desire" to have sex. That's despite the fact that a separate survey found that around 40 percent of French guys thought they were the best lovers in Europe. (They also thought they were the most intelligent and funniest men in Europe.) lemondrop: Is Celibacy a Trend?

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Written by Allison James for lemondrop