Man Fires, Dates, Breaks Up, Hires, Marries Woman

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More strange love in the state of Florida.

Dipping the wick in the company well has gone from tacitly approved to totally verboten to borderline encouraged (with a "don't let this eff up your productivity" caveat). But most people agree that it's fairly bad form to hire or fire someone based on their romantic relationships. "Most" people is not "every" person… The New Hook-Up Hotspot? Work!

Per The Sun-Sentinel, a couple had a bit of workplace animosity to get over before they could get on and get it on. A gal named Kelly Irish was working on the party patrol at not-yet-built assisted living facility in Zephyrhills, FL. Seeing how the building was neither "built" nor "earning revenue" because there was no one "actually living there," her supervisor was forced to relieve her of her duties and presumably take back her party whistle. The supervisor, one Casey O'Keefe formerly of Chicago, Illinois, had to let Irish go on orders from his supervisor, presumably his dad or something. Is Office Flirting Good For Business?

But when a Floridian closes a door another Floridian turns on the air conditioning. That was not the last time O'Keefe and Irish would meet and the next time would not be at a River Dance appreciation festival. The where: The reason: amor! To Ms. Irish's opposite-of-delight the website matched her with her judge, jury and executioner and eventually they dated. Mr. O'Keefe was shocked that she was so nice to the man who pulled the plug on her gig as elderly joy facilitator but went along with it (I would be afraid that she was just doing it to lure me into getting naked in the parking lot of a Denny's and then running off with my car keys and clothes).

From there things got really, well, Florida. The dating didn't really work but the job came back open and Irish was best qualified to make folks who were on the back nine of life feel a little excitement and maybe watch a Waking Ned Devine a time or two. They agreed that the hanky-panky would have to be expressly avoided but that lasted about as long as a frosted cake in an over-eater anonymous meeting during a power outage. Something about the smell of Ben Gay, the texture of loose skin and the idea that life is for the living must have made the pair realize that life is too short for not at least trying for the good things in life.

So… they married and… happily ever after. And, per the photo, Mr. O'Keefe has a ponytail and as long as it's not in homage to Steven Seagal, that's OK with me.

Would this make a better episode of The Office or season arc for Cougar Town? Are We Finished With Cougars?