I Called The Other Woman, So What?


Caught him cheating, did you? Tempted to give her a call...? Read this story first.

You know that feeling when you first see someone and you're not only drawn to him, but you've just got to have him? 

You want all of him—physically, emotionally and intellectually. That's how he and I were. "He" seemed perfect for me—10 years older, mature, confident, established (and tall!). We were very compatible, and soon the idea of us being together just made sense. I remember the day that I arrived at his house to find two dozen long-stem, mango-pink roses. lemondrop: The Almost-Perfect Man

"I'm crazy about you," he said.

Sadly, it wasn't very long after the roses that things started changing. I began to have this uneasy feeling that something just wasn't right. Call it woman's intuition, call it a gut feeling, but in my heart I knew he had been seeing someone else. lemondrop: What He's Thinking Before He Cheats

There were also signs. I looked the other way when a mystery blonde called him one night while we were snuggled up on the couch watching "The Bounty Hunter" and drinking a bottle of Shiraz. Her picture popped up when she called and instead of answering, he clicked the ignore button and didn't say a word. I never brought it up when he promised to call before bed, but occasionally, and conveniently, forgot. I hardly ever questioned him when he would inexplicably put a time limit on our dates and sleepovers, essentially telling me what hour I had to leave because he had "crap to do." I also thought I was being paranoid when I noticed he was keeping his phone on him almost all of the time, had it on silent, and was texting constantly.  lemondrop: My Boyfriend Was Living a Double Life

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Written by Lindsay Hitchcock for lemondrop