My Friend Hates my Boyfriend

My Friend Hates my Boyfriend

I have a boyfriend named Justin. He is 18 years
old and has already graduated High School.
I'm 15 years old and I am in my sophomore year
in High School. Me and Justin are deeply inlove
with eachother and our eyes are only set on each

I have 2 best friends. Cynthia and Virginia. I am
only bringing them in because one of them has
an issue with Justin. Cynthia gets along great
with Justin. She thinks he is a great guy. She
thinks he is smart, funny, average looking, and
a perfect match for me. While Virginia thinks he
looks like a big "creep" and she also thinks he
is a stalker to me. Personally, I get along better
with Cynthia than Virginia. Me and Virginia have
had many conflicts in the past, but between me
and Cynthia, we have never had a conflict. Not
one at all.

Justin is a really EXTREMELY nice guy. He is down
to earth, respects my parents, and treats me
wonderfully. He'll do whatever it takes to make
me happy and feel special. He loves to spoil me
and have fun times hanging out. I am his major
priority in life and I love him soooo much. He
loves me with all his heart and soul and many
people tell us we are a perfect couple.

Virginia has some jealousy issues with me. She
thinks that I'm prettier, smarter, and many more
things than her. I can't quite understand that
because she is a beautiful girl! She just doesn't
seem to think that. But the problem is, is that she
can't stand Justin!

It really makes me upset when I try to invite the
both of them at my house. Virginia doesn't want
to be anywhere around him at all. I don't get it?
He has NEVER done anything to her at all! She
feels that he has "stolen" me away from her. But
I am still here. I am always here for friendship.
Justin repects everyone and including my best
friends. I wish Virginia was alittle more like
Cynthia. Cynthia loves Justin! They get along
great! I just don't know why Virginia won't be
alittle more mature.

So I'm asking, What should I do? Is Virginia
worth being my friend if she can't respect me and
Justins relationship? I've tried to tell her how I
feel but she doesn't get it. I just wish that Justin
and Virginia (Virginia) to get along.

Thank you for reading.